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Jennifer Turner Project

One of the hallmarks of persons who choose to become a Civil Engineer is their sense of giving and providing a selfless service for humanity. Engineers take an oath to use their vast knowledge to benefit humankind. Tammy Nosek exemplifies the spirit of an engineer. We at the Mid-Hudson Branch have known that for years. However, the Jennifer Turner Project, is proof of Tammy's dedication.

Jennifer, a childhood friend of Tammy's was a victim of a hit and run accident that left her as a quadriplegic for life. Even so, Jennifer remained extremely active in sports and life in general with her disability until she further suffered a bout of tendinitis which left her unable to use here hands and arms. Jennifer also gave of herself to help children with similar disabilities. Both Tammy and Jennifer friends and classmates, are from Auburn, Maine and went to Rumford High School Class of 1988.

So around 2007 this dynamic duo - Tammy Nosek and Jennifer Turner joined forces with countless other organizations and launched the Jennifer Turner Project. For details of this project, including interviews and credit please click on this link:

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