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E-Week 2018 Dinner

Julianna Pelella, ASCE Younger Member as Master of Ceremony

The Mid-Hudson Branch of ASCE was proud to serve as a sponsor organization to the Mid-Hudson Technical Societies' Annual Engineers Week Dinner. The purpose is to promote science, technology, engineering and math or STEM curriculum in the area K-12 education system. The annual event attracts close to two hundred engineers, students (and future engineers) ranging in age from high school to college to retirement age. The keynote speaker was Dr. Talia Gershon of IBM who gave an inspiring and mind bending presentation on quantum computing. The topic was new to much of the audience, but Dr. Gershon's technical and presentation skills kept everyone engaged.

The former Master of Ceremony, Col. Daisie Boettner of West Point, who retired in 2017, was replaced by Julianna Pelella, a member of the ASCE Younger Member Forum (seen in photo). Julianna proved to be formidable, talented and charming MC. She is an employee at Chazen Engineering and a graduate of

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